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Zombie Tag

Zombie Tag is one of the games from my Project Playground that I have decided to flesh out more.

Still looking for an artist to work with to give this game better visuals (actual character models and animations) but I did what I could on that front.

Move around with WASD controls, collect food drops to extend time, dodge Zombies and don't run out of time to stay alive, Zombies spread the infection to normal "humans", and Zombies get smarter as time goes on. Stay alive as long as you can.

Download: Windows and Mac

Last updated: 7/21/14


Puzzling Orbs

A puzzle game I have been developing reminiscent of the lever challenges from RPGs where you have to pull the levers in the right order to open a path. In my game you are trying to get orbs to reach the end of a path while preventing other orbs from doing so.

This is a very early prototype with "programmer art". The aim was to get it playable as soon as possible. The game is intended to be played in a 16X10 aspect ratio and won't display correctly in other aspect ratios.

Download: Windows

Last updated: 5/14/14

Project Playground

A collection of simple minigames centered around the theme of survival.

Tag: Run away from an ever increasing number of chasers. Try to survive for as long as you can before getting hit three times.

Dodge Ball: Balls load up until you fire them with the "f" key. Dodge as many as you can. You have five hitpoints in this mode.

Zombie Tag: Run from the Zombies! If a Zombie (green) touches a human (white) they also become a Zombie. Collect food drops (brown circles) to extend your time. But be warned, the Zombies get smarter over time. One hit or run out of time and you're out.

Download: Windows     Mac

Last updated: 5/2/14


Minions and Mayhem

A board game I am developing where you are playing as a mad scientist trying to make the best inventions with which to impress your pears, take over the world, or perhaps just make the best cup of coffee ever. But your rivals are also making inventions so you have sent your minion to dismantle their inventions while you place traps to protect your own.

A silly game for 2-4 players I hope to have a prototype soon.


Older Works

Racer O is the first game I made for Unity. It is a race game against time.  Additionally, hitting obstacles loses you time and passing checkpoints will increase your remaining time.

This was kind of a proof of concept project, there is only one level and testing grounds for now.


Free download: Racer O for windows   Racer O for Mac

Clock Runner is a game I developed as my senior project for Cogswell College. Again, I was playing with time, this time allowing the player to stop it all together to pass by certain problems.  The key was making it so the user had to decide when to let time run so certain activities could still be accomplished, vs. when to stop time all together.

Clock Runner has six levels including a tutorial level, but will be easy to extend in the future.


Free Download: Clock Runner for Windows     Clock Runner for Mac



I attended a Global Game Jam at Cogswell and here is the game my team made: globalgamejam.org/2014/games/kabuki-theater



Email: jabret@msn.com