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Cook Family

Mining Company Picture  We're trying to identify Justin's Great Grandfather, who may be in this picture.


Here are some of the Podcasts that Ric Bretschneider is involved with

Fanboy Planet is a web site, a store, and a podcast.  I'm a regular on the podcast, and am the sound technician and show editor.  And yeah, I buy stuff at the store...

Garrett's Games and Geekieness is Doug Garret's podcast about modern gaming.  I occasionally appear as a guest speaker.  Doug and Shelly are good friends.

Presentations Roundtable will be up and working soon.  Big excitement!


The PowerPoint Blog is Ric's team's blog about the development of PowerPoint.  Mostly inactive at the moment, we're taking a breather after having finished up Office 2007.

Tioga Way is Ric's personal blog about home and family.  

I used to like 12 Seconds, but they've gone the way of so many internet start-ups.  Here's a small archive of my prior posts.